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The Vale (Valley) of Virtuality Embassy: From Zenography to Xenomorphology.

The Vale (Valley) Pavilion hosts artists from the East and West Valley in Arizona, extending all the way to "the Valley" of Southern California and beyond. Of course, the depiction of "Valley life" has often been characterized as being somewhat unreal vis-a-via the many films that have become cult classics, like "The Valley of the Dolls" or "Clueless". In our day however, the idea of "being from the Valley" has become intertwined with that other infamous valley of sorts, "Silicon Valley", not least of all because its namesake is often used in medical procedures dealing with body modifications or that it is the very heart of technological wealth and innovation in the nation. Thus, it is not at all surprising that the many inventions of Silicon Valley have given us the term "The Uncanny Valley", which denotes an unsettled feeling that people sometimes experience when robots, androids and "real-dolls" closely …
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the wrong

the wrong new digital art biennale is a global event aiming to nurture digital culture today. It's mission is to create, promote and push positive forward-thinking contemporary digital art to a wider audience through a biennial event that gathers a vast selection of digital artworks, embracing the artists, curators and institutions of today’s exciting digital culture scene.

In addition to participating in the wrong biennial Fine Arts Complex is proud to announce the founding of the new Digital Arts Archive (DASA) in the New Media Art Center which will catalog, store and make available digital/video art for viewing and research purposes from around the world.

the wrong Embassy / Router exhibition will have: Sammie Aasen, Malena Barnhart, Justin Bower, Christine Cassano, Ashley Czajkowski, Lena Klett, Gil Kuno, Rembrandt Quiballo, Sandra Sollars, Paige Annabelle Turncliff & Hannah Irene Walsh.

Samantha Lyn Aasen Samantha Lyn Aasen is an artist adapting to the so…